Scary Queen. Digital painting is tough


A practice thing~

Martin (freckles) belongs to xhakhal
Jasper is mine.


I went on a trip recently!

I don’t know much about watercolors. I would like to take a class for them. Anyone know any good ones in LA? Usually when I do watercolors it’s just with the intent to mess around…scan them in and then like put gaussian blurs in the bg lol 


Fourth of the set and almost halfway through!  Those flowers were really hard to draw.  @v@;;

Also, all HQ charms are available on the store for preorder!  I’ve had a few people ask me when they would be in and the answer is mid-September, but if you don’t want to risk your favorite being sold out, now’s the time!  They won’t be restocked online again until the end of the year.




Review Gakuen Basara vol.6 XD XD XD




who’s ready to read CHAPTER 19 OF BFFCOMIC!

I’m a little nervous about this one, there is a loooot of stuff in this chapter… shout out to Katie for designing Louis’ pajamas!! and shout-out to nicole for the BEST JOKES EVER

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oK kinda lame post but I was cleaning up my desktop and noticed I had screen shots of a lot of my recent comic sketches b4 they were finished so I compiled them because it’s funny seeing the before and after on different things… some u can tell I put more effort/time in vs just jumping right in lmao